Babson College Space Reservation System

 Welcome to Babson’s New Space Request and Reservation System: EMS!

Please use this site to:


  • Browse and view availability of space. To do so, please hover over the "Browse" menu:
    • Select "Browse for Events" to view all scheduled events and reservations
    • Select “Browse Facilities” to view all reservable spaces, setup type options for each space, and capacities
    • Select “Browse for Space” to view the availability calendar of each space


  • Request to reserve space or access your current reservations. To do so, please hover over the “Reservations” menu:
    • Select a request form to search space and create your reservation request
    • Select “View My Reservations” to access your requests and reservations.  You may also make edits or cancellations no less than 5 days prior to your reservation date.

Reservation Process:

  • Once reservations are submitted, the space scheduler will review and approve the request. Your space is not booked until you receive an email confirmation and the status of your request is 'Approved'
  • Spaces can be requested up to one year in advance

Space Reservations Priority for Classrooms, Functions Space, and Outdoor Space: 

1.     Academic class-use have priority over all scheduling requests, this includes out of class exams, lectures, review sessions, etc.  Final academic class-use needs are usually completed by the end of each semester’s add/drop window.

2.    College-wide events are scheduled once academic class-use needs are met, including Opening Celebration, Family Weekend, Alumni Weekend, Founder’s Day, Trustees, Commencement, etc.

3.    All additional requests may be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, and will be processed according to space availability.  If space requests are submitted prior to an academic semester being scheduled, they will be put in 'Hold - Academic' status until the academic schedule is finalized. 


Rules and Policies for Service Requests:

FacilitiesAll facilities requests and updates must be submitted no later than 5 business days in advance of the reservation. If you have any changes or additions within the 5 day window, please contact facilities at or x4444 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday (please do not leave voicemail messages on this line). If you require immediate assistance after business hours please contact public safety at x5555.

Set up requests, including the layout of tables or chairs, adding or removing furniture, easel requests, etc. should be detailed in the Setup Notes text box, please also enter any additional notes that facilities needs to be made aware of in this box. Any logistics or setup diagrams should be attached to your reservation. Notes and attachments will be sent to Facilities automatically where a Work Order will be created for your reservation. 

NOTE:  If your reservation has multiple locations or occurs over multiple days, please attach your logistics/facilities requests, and/or set up diagrams to your reservation.  In addition, please reference the attachment in the facilities notes field of your reservation. All attachment must be PDFs.

Media Services: All media requests must be submitted no later than 12 hours in advance of the reservation.  The only exception is if you require media staff at your event, then you must submit your request no less than a week prior to your event.  If you require media services or have changes to your request within the 12 hour window please contact the IT support center at or x4357.  On the reservation details page, select Media Services if you will need media equipment and enter your specific request within the Special Instructions text box, this will trigger an email to where a Media Services representative will contact you to learn more about your media equipment request. Media Services will approve or decline the media request based on resource availability, this process is outside of EMS and Media Services will contact you directly.

Any logistics or necessary diagrams should be emailed to

 Public Safety: Public Safety requires that a separate  Detail Officer Request Form be filled out online and submitted at least 10 days prior to the event taking place. On the reservation details page, select check Public Safety if you will need an Alcohol Detail, Parking Detail, Crowd Control Manager, or One Card Access, this will trigger an email to notifying them about your space reservation where the Detail Officer or access will be needed and located.  The Detail Officer request is a process outside of EMS, this is a notification to Public Safety only.

Catering: All catering must be submitted no later than 7 business days in advance of the reservation and must go through the Babson online catering system If you would like to add catering to an event within the 7 day windowplease contact the catering department at  (781) 239-5259 to discuss your order.  Always reserve your space in EMS prior to ordering food.  On the reservation details page, select Catering if you will be ordering food for your reservation from catering.  This will trigger an email to where a catering representative will review the request and update the reservation with any tables or linens that are necessary for their food setup.  Catering may contact you to learn more about your reservation request if needed.  Catering will approve or decline a food request once it is submitted online.

If you need additional assistance with a reservation, please contact the Events Management Office at 781-239-5265.